VRML Consortium Charter for Humanoid Animation Working Group

Motivation and Goals

Our aim is to specify a way of defining interchangeable humanoids and animations in standard VRML 2.0 without extensions. Animations include limb movements, facial expressions and lip synchronisation with sound. Our goal is to allow people to author humanoids and animations independently.

It is our intent that our proposal work well with those of other working groups in the VRML Consortium. However, our proposal will be able to stand on its own and will not be dependent on the efforts of any other group.

We will operate primarily by e-mail. Our initial proposal was submitted to the VRML Review Board in the fall of 1997, and a revised proposal is scheduled for submission at the end of March 1998.


Mitra (of Paragraph International) will also be an editor and will provide liaison with the Living Worlds group.

Web site address: http://h-anim.org